Friday, February 24, 2012

'Till Next Year, LA Zine Fest!

The L.A. Zine Fest was this past Sunday and it turned out to be a really successful show. We sold lots of zines and comics and it looked like other exhibitors also did very well.

We arrived at the Last Bookstore in Downtown early in the morning to set up our booth. It was great to see some old friends (Zebratron and Meltdown University) and meet new ones.

Rob, Jared Sams and I honestly didn't know what to expect. This was our first time as exhibitors and it was the first year for the Fest. If anything this would be a preview of what to expect in the future as we table at other conventions, both big and small.

We were given buttons when we checked in.

Doors opened at 11a.m. with only a few people walking the floor. After about an hour, more and more started filing into the exhibitor space. Soon enough the aisles were crammed full of people and it never let up until closing time. People were interested in what we had to offer. They seemed to like our table layout, artwork, and prices, and even our location helped us get noticed. Some were impressed that we accepted credit cards. Thanks Square!

We even gave away free miniature rubber chickens as a sort of lead in to talk about Clown Fight. Those ran out pretty quick, so we're planning on stocking up for next time. It's a great conversation piece and who doesn't want something for free?

Just finished setting up.
Check out our rack!
Our creations.
These were a hit!
Don't Worry, We Got This.
It was jam packed all day.

I have to admit, I was kinda flattered when people came by and said they've heard or seen By The Slice before. One person said they've already bought the comic at Meltdown and others brought a copy for me to sign.  To think, it started as something of a homework assignment, but has turned into something I'm really proud of. I'm looking forward to writing more comics and interacting with more readers.

All in all, we did very well, had lots of fun and met some awesome people. Next on our schedule, Wonder Con!

 Me and Jared at our finest.

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