Sunday, June 19, 2011

At the Movies

Summer of 2011 is shaping up to be a season of hits and misses.

With Captain America on the way, adaptations are here to stay. And who am I to complain? Sure I keep my expectations low and just enjoy the ride, but there's maybe one movie out right now that I actually liked. A lot. And then there's the other ones that tried and didn't deliver. High hopes, especially on known comicbook titles lead to big let downs. Blockbusters are graced with a bloated budget to accommodate all the special effects (3D included) and the marketing hoopla. Problem is that the studios rely too much on fanboy enthusiasm that they think we won't notice the importance of story and character development. They are wrong. I was enticed enough to buy a ticket for a midnight screening and now I have to deal with whatever's put on the dim lit screen. But if I may protest, TRY HARDER.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Comics A-Bound!

Like most comic readers, I've amassed quite a few books over the years. I'll dig through long boxes at cons or at my local stores, picking up anything I've heard was good or even something that just looks vaguely interesting. After picking up and reading a couple of issues of a series and discovering I really like it, I'll continue to get more issues whenever I can. But I find myself not reading it anymore until I've completed a long run of consecutive issues or have finished off the entire series. Though, even once I have all the issues, they will sit in a box, not readily available to flip through or to loan out to friends. It sucks to sing the praises of a series to someone, then drop a stack of single issues on their lap. So this has lead me to a hobby I've had for the last few years....


I've had a number of hardcover volumes made since I started about three years ago (31 volumes to be exact). It's been fun mapping issue by issue continuity and tracking down stray floppies to complete the volumes. It's especially exciting to complete a series that hasn't been collected yet and, in some cases, might never be collected. Heck, even with a series where I could easily pick up in trades, it's still nice to have my own customized hardcovers. I'll add or leave out issues, include creator interviews, or design a table of contents to make the bound volume more personalized.

Unfortunately, I've had way too much stuff to read and not enough time in the day to read them. I have yet to go through the majority of my bound volumes... but I plan on changing that! As I go along I'll post a short review and breakdown the contents of the bind. Anyways, enough talk, time to crack open those hardcovers and get some reading done!