Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Convention Schedule

Last year was our first year of tabling at conventions and we managed to make it out to six different shows. We learned a lot during the course of last year and as much hard work as it was, it was also extremely fun and rewarding. Heading into our second year we're hoping to table at about the same number of conventions, but we'll be mixing in a few new ones.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 1-3 -- We couldn't be more excited about exhibiting at this show! Everyone we've talked to has had nothing but great things to say about Emerald City. So even though we have some lofty expectations, if you add in the fact that it's our first out of state convention and we'll be spending time in the great city of Seattle, we're pretty sure this show is going to be a blast!

Long Beach Comic Expo (Long Beach, CA): May 11 -- It'll be our second time setting up at the Long Beach Expo. It's a nice intimate one-day show that's only about an hour's drive from us, so there's no way we could pass it up.

Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, AZ): May 23-26 -- Another new show for us this year. We heard many good things about the show, but our main reason for exhibiting is just to test the waters. It's a short (inexpensive) flight which leaves little risk for us. Fingers crossed.

Granite State Comic Con (Manchester, NH): September 28-29 -- This will be our first east coast convention! Growing up in New Hampshire, I didn't start making my own comics until well after I had already moved away, so I'm hoping to meet some Granite State comic creators at the show. Though to be perfectly honest, while the show looks like it'll be a lot fun, the main reason we'll be doing it is to spend time with family who live in the area.

Comikaze Expo (Los Angeles, CA): November 1-3 -- Last year's show was a wonderful surprise for us. Being only the second of its existence, there were some definite growing pains, but the turn out from both exhibitors and attendees was incredible. It's the kind of show Los Angeles has needed for years. Plus the show is expanding from two days to three days, so it's future is only looking brighter.

Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach, CA): November 23-24 -- This is one of our favorite shows! Just like the one day expo, this show is very laid back and allows us to meet up with a lot of other local creators. The convenient location makes the show a nice weekend getaway for us.

So that's the plan, hope to see you all out there!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we've been busy with day jobs, the holidays, and planning our upcoming honeymoon, not to mention all the comics we're working on for 2013. We're excited to finish up some of these comics and hopefully start releasing them over the next few months. Meanwhile, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013!