Monday, July 6, 2015

We're going to SDCC!

San Diego Comic Con 2015, here we come!

We'll be walking around Saturday and Sunday, trying to meet with as many people as possible. We know a few friends from social media that we're really excited to see. We'll be stopping by various publishers & indie creators and as expected, the exhibit hall will be difficult to get around so hopefully we don't miss anybody. It'll be a crazy weekend but we'll be prepared.

Here's my list of what to bring...a survival kit if you will:
  • Hand Sanitizer - to prevent Con Crud
  • Breath Mints - to prevent the offensive stench from whatever you ate last
  • Cough Drops - so you don't lose your voice by Sunday
  • Extra phone battery - cause your phone will die on you
  • Snacks and water - like turkey jerky, those almond butter snacks & trail mix
  • Business cards - for a little networking
  • Sharpies - for a little book signing
  • Cash - obv.
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Wear glasses (this is strictly a "me" thing as I don't always wear my glasses and I'm squinting the whole time)
Oh and have fun :)