Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Support The Independents!" Event at Emerald Knights

We had a signing at Emerald Knights in Burbank last weekend, woohoo! They were able to squeeze us in last minute and we couldn't be happier. Lots of cool local creators and some familiar faces there as well. The indies were: Darby Pop Publishing, Penguins vs. Possums, Fanboy Comics, Tim Heiderich of Misunderstanding Comics and the In Sanity, AZ creators to name a few.

And finally, here at Ginger Rabbit Studio, we'd like to 
wish everyone a safe holiday and a happy new year!
*Giulie & Rob* 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LBCC '13 Recap - Last Show of the Year!

It's been a fun filled year of conventions (we did six!) and Long Beach Comic Con ended it all. This has always been an intimate show where local fans would come out for a day and check out artist alley or go to a panel. This show used to be in October, hence the Horror aspect, but since it's been pushed to the end of November I suspect that affected the attendance. However, we did talk to a lot of comic creators, met up with industry friends and sold a decent amount of art prints and comics. All in all, no complaints here.

As for next year, it'll be exciting that's for sure. We've been developing more stories and some new projects are already on the horizon.

Until next time, happy holidays!

Ben Templesmith, our neighbor.

Boston Metaphysical Society

Sara Richard, artist.

Dr. Who Cosplay

Mike Kunkel (creator of Hero Bear)

Allen Carter

Meltdown U graduates.

Penguins vs Possums figurines.

Jared Sams' poster now for sale!

Lance Hendriksen

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comikaze 2013 Recap

We had a great time at this year's Comikaze. It was a long weekend but we did very well. A lot of people picked up 1 Night on Earth and we even sold out of Rainbowbeard and Golden Age. Our tablemate Jared had new prints which were a hit. Overall it was a success and we had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table.

Until next year Stan Lee ;)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1 Night on Earth Anthology - Printed

I finally received the micro-anthology in the mail and it looks amazing! The cover artist, Giovanna Terrone did an excellent job. Kudos to Christopher Kosek for designing it too!

A shout out to RA Comics Direct for printing a quality comic with super fast turnaround.

This will be available to purchase at the upcoming conventions, Comikaze and LBCC. Soon I'll update our online store where you can buy it directly from us (shipped within the US only).

Monday, October 28, 2013

Upcoming Conventions: Comikaze & Long Beach Comic Con

November is going to be a busy month for us! We'll be debuting a couple new comics at two great Los Angeles-area shows. First up is Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 1-3. It'll be our second year tabling there and only the third year for the show since its inception. Last year's show grew leaps and bounds over the first year, so we have high hopes this time around.

Only a few short weeks later, we'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con on Nov. 23 & 24 in beautiful downtown Long Beach, CA. Again it'll be our second year tabling at this show, but we've managed to attend every year since the show started five years ago. It's always a great time and we look forward to it once again. We whole-heartedly recommend checking out either of these wonderful shows if you are in the area, you're sure to have a blast!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Night On Earth - on Tumblr

I'm in the process of putting together a micro anthology of sorts. I've written five short stories; each of them taking place in a different city (Sydney, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and San Salvador). What I've been trying to do is recruit women artists to collaborate on these shorts. Now, before you say it's a gimmick, these artists are amazing. I wanted to work with them. And I'm lucky that they said 'yes'. It's no easy feat either; juggling all the deadlines, keeping track on who's working on what and having an ultra tight budget--what was I thinking?!? But so far it's been a positive learning experience for me. I'm building a network of comrades =)

I don't know how Ranae de Liz & Company did it with Womanthology. That's one massive book. And what's great about it, it's still going. It's taking on new themes; profiling new & emerging talent.  Not to mention, recently Gail Simone recruited a slew of female artists and writers for the new Red Sonja series. Bravo I say!

Am I able to pull this little project off? We shall see. For now I have a tumblr going (free and open to the masses) but hopefully later in the year I'll do a small print run and sell them cheap at conventions. I won't be making money off of it (with printing, travel & convention costs). But the point of all this is to put work out there, show what I can do and what these kick-ass ladies have done.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ROM Spaceknight: Remake Project - Updated

This post has been getting a lot of views recently (probably because of IDW's announcement of ROM The Spaceknight debuting next year).  And because of that we wanted to update you: this "remake project" featured contemporary artists recreating each page of the original first issue (including a Hostess ad). It finally debuted back in March 2014 and can be found here on the Tumblr page, ROM REMIX.

It even caught the attention of some media folks including Comics Alliance. And best of all, Michael Mantlo (Bill Mantlo's brother) commented and thanked everyone for their contributions.


Here's the deal everyone, I'm attempting to put together an homage/remake of ROM Spaceknight #1 by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema. What I'm looking to do is find twenty different artists to each recreate in her/his own style, one of the twenty pages from the original issue (18 story pages, 1 cover and a Hostess Ad). When the project is done, I'll post the entire story online for free and provide a link where people can contribute to the ongoing medical care of Bill Mantlo. If you don't know, Mantlo, the original writer of ROM and many other Marvel comics from the '70s and '80s, was the victim of a hit and run accident in 1992, which resulted in a severe brain injury. He's required special medical attention and has lived in a head-trauma facility ever since. You can read more about his situation from this article or check out Greg Pak's blog post from a couple years ago about Mr. Mantlo, which also contains a Paypal donation link.

Now don't get me wrong, the main goal of the project is to create an entertaining comic for people to enjoy, but if we can also give a little back it'll be all that much sweeter.

Needless to say, the original creative team, Marvel Comics, nor the current copyright holders of the ROM property (whomever that might be) have nothing to do with this project. It's purely for fun, borne out of a love for the ROM comics.

If you're an artist (penciller/inker, colorist or letterer) who's interested in participating, shoot me an e-mail (robertharringtonla[@]gmail.com) or find me on twitter (@robharrington). I'll be gathering a list of everyone who's interested and if we have enough people, then I'll use a random number generator to assign pages. Sorry, there's no pay for the work, it's all for fun and charity.

Now, let's make some comics!

Cover to ROM #1 (Art by Frank Miller)

Art by Gabriel Hardman

Art by Farel Dalrymple

Art by Chris Samnee

Art by Shane White

Art by Jason Copland

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Phoenix Comic Con Wrap Up

After a four day show, we are pooped!

I'm so tired I can barely string words to make a sentence, so here's a list of what went down at PHXCC'13.

  • Woke up at 7am to hit the road
  • Traveled six hours to Phoenix
  • Dropped off stuff at hotel, picked up our badges, and set up
  • Preview day started at 4pm, ended at 9pm 
  • Wil Wheaton came by our table, complimented Jared's art prints.
  • We grabbed grub with the Devastator team and Yehudi Mercado
  • We walked back to our hotel and passed out
  • Grabbed breakfast in 100 degree heat and headed inside for our Exhibitor table
  • Cosplayers galore, lots of families, Dr. Who fans, and steam punkers
  • Lots of people looking at our stuff
  • Ate dinner with friends at a nearby Greek place, opa!
  • Rainbowbeard and Mad Muslim Mulatto were the top sellers.
  • Everything else - wash, rinse and repeat.
  • In the home stretch, with two hours to go, the fire alarm goes off
  • We evacuate, then the exhibitors are allowed back in, but the attendees head home early
  • We wrap up and head to dinner with the Yuan Twins and Libya El-Amin from TV Campfire.
  • Trek back to smoggy Los Angeles.

Calm before the storm

Stinkin' badges!

Inside the Convention Center

Saturday crowd waiting for doors to open

Exhibitor hall

The Adventures of 19XX

Declan & Chang booth

Jared and his Nerd Dollz

Spaceman Dead art print

Fire Alarm Evacuation

Attendees heading home

The Road Warriors