Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Night On Earth - on Tumblr

I'm in the process of putting together a micro anthology of sorts. I've written five short stories; each of them taking place in a different city (Sydney, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and San Salvador). What I've been trying to do is recruit women artists to collaborate on these shorts. Now, before you say it's a gimmick, these artists are amazing. I wanted to work with them. And I'm lucky that they said 'yes'. It's no easy feat either; juggling all the deadlines, keeping track on who's working on what and having an ultra tight budget--what was I thinking?!? But so far it's been a positive learning experience for me. I'm building a network of comrades =)

I don't know how Ranae de Liz & Company did it with Womanthology. That's one massive book. And what's great about it, it's still going. It's taking on new themes; profiling new & emerging talent.  Not to mention, recently Gail Simone recruited a slew of female artists and writers for the new Red Sonja series. Bravo I say!

Am I able to pull this little project off? We shall see. For now I have a tumblr going (free and open to the masses) but hopefully later in the year I'll do a small print run and sell them cheap at conventions. I won't be making money off of it (with printing, travel & convention costs). But the point of all this is to put work out there, show what I can do and what these kick-ass ladies have done.