Friday, April 19, 2013

Upcoming Schedule

May's going to be a pretty busy month for us. We'll be tabling at a couple shows and participating in a very cool store event. If you're in the area for any of these, come check us out!

May 11 -- Long Beach Expo -- It's our second year tabling at this fun little show. Located in beautiful downtown Long Beach, the show offers a nice gathering of local Los Angeles creators and dealers. Definitely not overwhelming like some conventions can be, but there's still plenty to see and buy. I always come home with a hefty stack of back issue bin finds!

May 18 -- Collector's Paradise Pasadena -- As part of their month long FREE COMIC BOOK MAY event, we'll be signing alongside Eisner Award winning writer, Jim McCann! How cool is that?! We participated in the event last year and had a blast, but they've managed to outdo themselves with this year's stellar line up of creators!

May 23-26 -- Phoenix Comic Con -- This will be our first time tabling at this show. We've spoken to a few people recently at Emerald City & WonderCon who thought very highly of Phoenix and that's gotten us really excited for the show! We're taking a mini road trip out their with fellow comic creators Jared Sams & the Yuan Twins. It's a four day show, so it might be a little draining, but it looks like it'll be a fun weekend.

Photo from last year's event at Collector's Paradise

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clown Fight!

Here's the entire Clown Fight short story in all it's Tex Avery inspired glory, which 
originally appeared in the comics anthology "Ignition: Volume 1" from 215 Ink.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

WonderCon Wrap Up

WonderCon was last weekend and while we didn't exhibit this year, with the show being only a 40 minute drive away we couldn't escape the allure of a good convention. We only went for the day (Saturday) and it's the first time in almost a year and half we've been able to go to a show purely as attendees. It was really nice, we spent our entire time there just walking through small press and artists alley talking to creators. The floor seemed to be better organized than when we tabled last year and the attendance also appeared to be up. We had a good time and hopefully next year we'll be able to once again table at WonderCon.