Monday, December 19, 2011

Clown Fight has Arrived!

Just got my copies of Clown Fight in the mail! I ordered a 100 issue print run from a company Giulie discovered, RA Comics Direct. I'll be honest, there was a little hiccup with my initial order, but it was quickly and professionally corrected by their great customer service (Thanks Jim!). I had the comic printed on matte paper with a slightly thicker stock for both the interiors and cover, because.... well, that's how I wanted it, and I think it came out really nice. With the craziness of the holidays I won't be able to put the comic for sale online until after the first of the year, but eventually it'll be posted on our Etsy store along side "By the Slice," so please stay tuned!

Printed at RA Comics Direct

Box O' Comics


Interior pages

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Renegade LA

Last Saturday we went to Renegade LA, a hip craft fair for young people. Here we found personalized, handmade, local artistry items for holiday gifts. Most of our east coast family & friends will be receiving some of the following. Don't judge, lumberjack plushies are in this year.

Renegade Fair banner

Severed Yeti head plush

Salt Vendor

Knitted elephant plushie

Gnome plushie

Lumberjack plushie

Laser cut invitation

Metal Bear print

Los Angeles State Historic Park

Day of the Dead stormtroopers

Handmade soaps

Knitted scarf

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Last year on Black Friday, I stumbled upon an online sale happening at Things from Another World. The deals were pretty amazing with a ton of stuff all marked off 80%. I put a bunch of books in my cart, then proceeded to debate with myself throughout the day on whether or not I should buy then. I went back and forth, until finally deciding against spending the money. Cut to a year later and me deciding to not be financially sensible! Having always wanted to read Nexus and being a sucker for gold and silver age stories I loaded up on Dark Horse archive editions, I also grabbed a couple Savage Conan collections to research a new project I'm working on, and then threw in a Concrete trade I was missing. All in all, some great comics at all a fraction of the price. Now I just need to find time to read everything.

The books came in two paper wrapped bundled

Opening one of the bundles

The Stack!

Nexus Archive

Green Lama Archive (don't ask)

Magnus Robot Fighter Archive

Monday, December 5, 2011

Unique LA

Giulie and I went to the Unique LA craft fair in downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. Unique LA is geared more towards modern art than traditional crafts and according to their website it's "the largest design show in the country." This is the second time we've gone to the event; we went earlier this year in the same location. The $10 entrance fee doesn't seem like a lot if you consider all the great vendors, but when you realize that the Renegade LA show is the very next weekend and has essentially the vendors, it seems a tad excessive. Oh well, nevertheless there was a lot of cool stuff to see, buy, and eat! I was also taking notes on table set-ups for when we start doing shows next year. The creative, crafty vendors set up some great looking booths, stuff that I would never be able to pull off, but even stealing a few small ideas might make a world of difference. We're off to Renegade LA next weekend!

Cassette rack wood block print & ceramic camera art

Wood frame sunglasses

Lumberjack inspired t-shirts & prints


Handmade plushies

Rice pudding

Creature wall art

Art & toys for kids

Moustache art prints & t-shirts

S'mores cupcakes

Friday, December 2, 2011

By The Slice news

Just a small update on the mini-comic. It was reviewed by the Poopsheet Foundation and Optical Sloth. I'm really glad it's getting a positive response.

And you can also purchase it online at my Etsy store or at Quimby's  because hey, it's a great holiday gift!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Danger Mouse - RIP Mark Hall

I've been a huge fan of Danger Mouse ever since I was a kid. I remember waiting for Inspector Gadget to end so my favorite cartoon Brit could come on. (Robin Hood came a close second.) DM was witty, serious about his profession, and a bit of a buffoon. This made him endearing and very entertaining to watch. And of course there's Penfold. It was only years later, with the help of Google, that I found out he was a hamster. I thought he was a mole. Nonetheless, the character was a clumsy, timid yet loyal sidekick.

The cartoon series had some pretty unique villians like Stilletto, the Italian crow and Count Duckula, the nerdy vampire with a speech impediment (who got his own spinoff series). Then there's the big boss, Baron Silas Greenback. His raspy voice and evil "toadiness" made him a low key but intimidating bad guy. I always pictured him as the type of character who had a brass knuckle collection and damn proud of it, too. And just like Bond's Blowfeld, he had a white furry pet.

I've collected DM memorabilia throughout the years. To this day, I still use this cigarette case as a wallet. Everyone always comments on it, "Wow, I totally remember Danger Mouse on Nickelodeon."

I even have a sketchbook full of DM drawings by some well known artists. I always take it with me to cons. For them, the nostalgia and originality really make the commission stand out in their mind (they get sick of Batman sketches people!)

Tony Fleecs

Chris Giarrusso

Rob Guillory

Arthur Suydam

Katie Cook

AV Club did an excellent article on the beloved cartoon as well as other Cosgrove Hall shows.

Unboxing Bound Volumes!

Just received a package with a few new bound volumes courtesy of Single Bound Studios and thought I'd do a little unboxing showcase.  It's always fun receiving new books and after actively binding for a couple years now, it's practically tradition every 2-3 months.  In this order, I had done a two volume set of the '70s Ms. Marvel series and my own personal omnibus of Jack Kirby perfection (a la The Eternals)!  Now I just need to make some room on the shelves.

The shipment has arrived!

The contents are extremely well packed.

Three volumes for this order.

Front of the Eternals volume

Close up of the cover die stamp on the Eternals volume.

Eternals two page splash.

Ms. Marvel has arrived!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

L.A. Zine Fest 2012

It's official! We'll be setting up at our very first show, the brand new L.A. Zine Fest, on February 19 at the Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. We'll have "By the Slice," "Clown Fight!," and more. Come check it out, have fun, and plan on partying like.... literary minded individuals.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Clown Fight Preview

A quick update, I'm finishing up a short about two clowns who clash in an over the top cartoon style fight to the..... death?! It's a silent story (sans dialogue) with art by the awesome Ger Curti. Oddly enough it's titled "Clown Fight!" Here's a small preview: