Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Last year on Black Friday, I stumbled upon an online sale happening at Things from Another World. The deals were pretty amazing with a ton of stuff all marked off 80%. I put a bunch of books in my cart, then proceeded to debate with myself throughout the day on whether or not I should buy then. I went back and forth, until finally deciding against spending the money. Cut to a year later and me deciding to not be financially sensible! Having always wanted to read Nexus and being a sucker for gold and silver age stories I loaded up on Dark Horse archive editions, I also grabbed a couple Savage Conan collections to research a new project I'm working on, and then threw in a Concrete trade I was missing. All in all, some great comics at all a fraction of the price. Now I just need to find time to read everything.

The books came in two paper wrapped bundled

Opening one of the bundles

The Stack!

Nexus Archive

Green Lama Archive (don't ask)

Magnus Robot Fighter Archive

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