Friday, November 18, 2011

Danger Mouse - RIP Mark Hall

I've been a huge fan of Danger Mouse ever since I was a kid. I remember waiting for Inspector Gadget to end so my favorite cartoon Brit could come on. (Robin Hood came a close second.) DM was witty, serious about his profession, and a bit of a buffoon. This made him endearing and very entertaining to watch. And of course there's Penfold. It was only years later, with the help of Google, that I found out he was a hamster. I thought he was a mole. Nonetheless, the character was a clumsy, timid yet loyal sidekick.

The cartoon series had some pretty unique villians like Stilletto, the Italian crow and Count Duckula, the nerdy vampire with a speech impediment (who got his own spinoff series). Then there's the big boss, Baron Silas Greenback. His raspy voice and evil "toadiness" made him a low key but intimidating bad guy. I always pictured him as the type of character who had a brass knuckle collection and damn proud of it, too. And just like Bond's Blowfeld, he had a white furry pet.

I've collected DM memorabilia throughout the years. To this day, I still use this cigarette case as a wallet. Everyone always comments on it, "Wow, I totally remember Danger Mouse on Nickelodeon."

I even have a sketchbook full of DM drawings by some well known artists. I always take it with me to cons. For them, the nostalgia and originality really make the commission stand out in their mind (they get sick of Batman sketches people!)

Tony Fleecs

Chris Giarrusso

Rob Guillory

Arthur Suydam

Katie Cook

AV Club did an excellent article on the beloved cartoon as well as other Cosgrove Hall shows.

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