Sunday, November 6, 2011

Long Beach Comic/Horror Con 2011: Part 1

Every year Long Beach Con gets bigger and bigger. Once again it's on Halloween weekend and kids weren't the only ones dressing up.

Strike a pose Aquaman and Black Canary!

The panel I was most looking forward to was Shane Black. What a guy! So down to earth and honest about the film industry and writing in general. He loves reading comics too! He talked about Iron Man and how he got the job to direct the third installment of the franchise. It's such a relief that he knows so much about Tony Stark and his story. He even consulted on the first two Iron Man films.

After the panel I asked him, "If you had to retire, which would you give up first, writing or directing?"  His answer: "Directing. Cause you're never too old to reach for a pen and paper."

Right on!

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