Sunday, November 6, 2011

Comikaze 2011

We stopped by the first Comikaze Expo in downtown Los Angeles a couple weekends ago.  The show was promoted as being a mix of all things pop culture; offering up everything from comicbook professionals to movie/television stars to gamers to tattoo artists.  Well it definitely lived up to the promise of an eclectic mix.  To be honest, as someone who's used to the more traditional layout of shows like San Diego and Wonder Con, the seemingly disorganization of this show was very off putting.  There would be a comic publisher next to an indie artist, next to a tattoo artist, next to manga vendor, next to Tippi Hedren.  Very random and very confusing.  That aside, the turn out for the show was great.  The lines were long, the aisles were packed, and cosplayers were aplenty.  I don't know how sales were for vendors, but as a self publisher I can't deny the fact the show had amazing attendance.  We'll definitely be looking into tabling for next year!

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