Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Beach Comic/Horror Con 2011: Part 2

The third Annual Long Beach Comic (and Horror) Con has come to a close. It was another fun show with better attendance and wider variety of panels than last year. Surprisingly, there where even panels aimed at self-publishing and marketing indie comics. Very cool!

What I enjoyed most about the con is the good mix of established and up-and-coming creators. I get my mainstream fix without the massive crowds of San Diego and also get to meet other local indie writers and artists. It's also a great con for my binding hobby. Since we drive to Long Beach it isn't a chore to bring my binds, when I'm at the con it's easy to get a signature and then drop the book off at the hotel, and there's a decent amount of fifty cent and one dollar bins. All in all, a fun show. We've gone all three years and I looking forward to a fourth!

 Darwyn Cooke sketching

Darwyn Cooke sketch in my bound volume of "Solo"

Amanda Conner sketching

Amanda Conner sketch in a "Power Girl & Terra" bound volume

Marv Wolfman signing "John Carter" and "Machine Man"

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Ninja Turtles

Some of the bound books I got signed 

My haul!

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