Friday, March 2, 2012

Convention Lesson: Business Cards

Something I learned from my experience at the LA Zine Fest is that people love free stuff. Obviously I pretty much already knew this, but after seeing it first hand I feel enlightened. Anything we put on the table that was free, people would snap up like it was a clue on the Amazing Race.

I had brought the remainder of my business cards with me, the ones I had purchased through MOO. I really liked how those cards came out, both in design and quality, and they definitely had some bang for the buck. The price was a little high but since I was only giving them to people I met they were fine for my needs.

Business Cards courtesy of MOO

Backs of some cards

At the LA Zine Fest, since we don't have any Ginger Rabbit specific business cards or flyers yet, I decided to put my cards out on the table. Boy they disappeared quick! I don't think they survived more than half the day. What I've been thinking about the past few days is if any of the people who took my card, or any of the free materials from our table for that matter, have actually visited our blog/twitter/facebook since the show and if it'll eventually lead to new fans. Other than seeing our blog hits increase, it's hard to calculate how many people our work will register with or if we're just a fleeting thought in their day.

One thing I do know for sure is that we need to get cheaper business cards! We put together a simple design for some new (and cheaper) cards for WonderCon. Giulie and I are going to have one card for the both of us. It'll have our twitter names, the blog web address and a panel from Clown Fight, that's it, clean and simple. I'll post some photos when they arrive. But you better believe I'm going to be slipping these things into the pockets of everyone that walks by!

Lesson learned: Have (inexpensive) business cards made for conventions!

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  1. I have learned a lot from it...and might use this as i am going to Order Business Cards.