Thursday, March 29, 2012

WonderCon 2012: Day 3

The last day of the show! YAY! BOO! A long (but great) weekend came to a close on Sunday. Fortunately the show hours were shorter and the doors opened later than the previous day, because by this time we were all running out of steam. After we checked out of the hotel, we decided to forego a sit down (a.k.a. expensive) breakfast and just grab something at the Marriott Starbucks. Though it probably didn't save us any time because the Starbucks line was super long!

As for the show, there's one word to best describe our experiences on Sunday, SLOW. It was by far our slowest business day and very little foot traffic came through our aisle. From the attendees I talked to, I got the sense that a lot of people had spent most of their money on Saturday and were only looking for last minute deals on back issues and trades in the closing hours of the show.

But the slow business actually made it perfect for us to each take turns walking the floor. As I walked around, it was the first time I actually realized how big the show really was! Sitting at our little table in the small press area and from being so focused on our own stuff, I hadn't fully realized the enormity of the con (though it's still small compared to San Diego, but then again everything is small compared to San Diego). There were tons of cool things to see or buy, and I couldn't help myself from jumping on some great last minute deals.

We met a few more comic creators, but mostly spent the day chatting with people we've befriended over the course of the weekend. Though before we knew it the show was over and it was time to pack up.

By the time we were leaving, the convention construction crews were already dismantling the floor. All the large corporate booths were being torn down, to be shipped to another show somewhere in the country or to sit in a storage unit.

The entire weekend was a great experience! We met so many awesome people that it's hard to remember everyone during the whirlwind weekend, but I highly recommend checking out the work of:

Chris Ryder: Dames in the Atomic Age
Daniel Logan & Dave Dwonch: Action Lab Comics
Fon Davis: Morav
Brian Apodaca: Zombie Outlaw
Chris Dickens & Phil Morgenthaler: Vigilante Project
Geoffrey Golden: Devastator
Jason Brubaker: reMIND

Every one of these awesome people helped me fill my backpack and head home with a nice stack of comics!

All in all, I feel like this was a really important show for us. It was our first multi-day show and our first full on, large scale comic convention. There are only a handful of cons in the country that are bigger than this one, so it feels like we've gotten over a hurdle and are now ready to take on anything!

'Til next year WonderCon!

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