Monday, February 13, 2012

Con-Prep Shopping

We're gearing up for our first show ever, LA Zine Fest! Over the past few weeks we've been gathering all the necessary items for our booth, but one of the remaining things to find is a table cloth. Our first stop, Jo-Ann Fabrics.

We wanted to stay away from the typical black cloth other vendors use, so we perused different shades and styles of fabric. We were looking for something durable yet economically priced.

Since the dimensions for our table would require a lot of yards (both width and length) it ended being too expensive so we nixed the idea altogether. But at least we settled for a color: green. The next stop was Target where we found our green table cloth, nothing flashy but certainly not typical.

Now just a couple more things to get for the show and then we're ready to rumble. Let's do this!!!

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