Monday, February 20, 2012

Clown Fight Wholesale Orders

Our printer for Clown Fight, RA Comics Direct, has begun taking wholesale orders of the books they've printed. It's great seeing Clown Fight up there with a nice group of other indie comics, all of which have passed through the same printing machines operated by RA Comics Direct.

With the current state of the comics industry, I'm not under any delusions that a brick and mortar store will be ordering my short story about fighting clowns in bulk, but it's great that option is even available. Who knows, maybe a millionaire clown enthusiast will be drunk online shopping one night, looking for items to be included in a Halloween party gift bag, and will stumble upon Clown Fight. He/she will pull out a credit card and attempt to order one thousand copies, but looking through fuzzy beer goggles, accidentally types an extra zero and places a massive 10,000 issue order. Word spreads of the book's popularity, causing mad rushes of new readers to stores searching for copies of Clown Fight! Impossible to keep the book in stock, customers are forced to try new (and "different") comics to satisfy their appetite for sequential storytelling. Thousands upon thousands, and eventually millions, of new readers discover the joy of comics, thus turning around the fortunes of the entire industry.

I dunno, could happen.

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