Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ever had a conversation with a friend or stranger where they ask you, Where were you on this day? I have a very selective memory. Which reminds me of that time of I had to get a tutor for history class--I'm that bad with dates. But this particular blog entry is to etch this day of a specific memory. And yes it relates to comics.

Last weekend I went to APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Fran. I crammed a bunch of my freshly printed mini-comics into my bag, hoping to trade with others like me, and jumped onto a plane.


I got to the Concourse and felt right at home. The whole vibe was welcoming and not at all earnest, as I thought it would be. Creators were enthusiastic about their work and I talked to them, genuinely interested in what they wanted to share.

The space was pretty big so Rob, our friend Jared and I took a break out on the steps. I was eating my banana when I heard my name. Who else knows me here? I looked up and saw Mary. She was in my class at Meltdown Comics. She had finished her comic about her battle with cancer. I remembered reading panels from her story and thinking, wow, she's got guts to publish something so personal. As a survivor, she was able to convey the heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious moments of therapy.

We exchanged comics and she tells me, "Giulie, we have a table. Jim was able to get a table for the Meltdown students. Go and put your comic there to sell." So I did.

Later that night I went to a party/mini-comic award show at Isotope. I actually got face time with The Mad Scientist, aka the larger-than-life owner, James. I asked him if I can sell my mini-comic in his store. He agreed, asking for ten copies. Dammit, I only had four left in my bag. He laughed and paid me nonetheless. It went under the New Arrivals sign. Ego boost for me!

After schmoozing and grabbing a celebratory drink, I passed out at the hotel. Come Sunday morning er afternoon, we went back to the Concourse. I went to the Meltdown booth to help out. I made a few sales. Getting money from strangers is awesome! It's completely different than getting it from friends. I think the highlight was when a guy was interested in a copy of mine and asked me to sign it. Cool!

SFO ---> LAX

I got on the plane headed back to LA, feeling great. A few days later I heard news from home.

Today will be remembered for two things. The day that Steve Jobs died of cancer. And the day I found out my dad has cancer.

The way I see it, success no matter how small, is very personal. It is further defined by the people you love. My dad hasn't seen me this type of happy, yet. But he will though. And I just sealed an envelope containing copies of By The Slice.

Next stop:
LAX -----> MIA

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