Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Update

We've been so consumed with our recent convention schedule and our day jobs, that we forgot to mention a couple cool pieces of news.

During the Long Beach Comic Con we were lucky enough to be interviewed for Bleeding Cool. The site did a number of interviews with indie creators in artist alley. We thought it was very cool of the reporter to focus on self-published creators and we definitely recommend checking out those series of interviews. Here is our piece and another one done with our tablemate, Jared.

Also, a little while back the fine folks over at the Comic Book of the Month Podcast did an Alternative Press Expo episode which included reviews of both Clown Fight and Pluto Moon Base. It's the first anyone has ever talked about our work on a podcast before, so it was a little strange to listen to it at first but the hosts were very kind with their reviews. You can check out the episode and blog post HERE to see what they said about our books and a ton of other great comics from this year's APE.

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