Friday, June 29, 2012

Noir - That's What I'm Reading

I'm currently writing a gritty short comic using a lot of noir conventions and characteristics. I like noir movies (Maltese Falcon, Third Man, Seven, Brick...) but to write something original and modern with these certain details is a challenge for me. So I decided to draw inspiration from NOIR, A Collection of Short Crime Comics. 13 short stories from notables like Brubaker, Grist, & Lemire, just to name a few, all offered a different take on the genre. The stories that stood out for me are: Open the Goddamn Box, The Old Silo, The Albanian, Kane the Card Player and The New Me.

In each of these stories, the characters have a dark past (or future), almost contrary to their everyday facade. Although one of the key elements of noir crime stories is to solve a mystery, its also the introspection of the characters still reeling from their experience. 

Last night I finished another noir comic, Parker: The Hunter from Darwyn Cooke. It was an excellent read with very stylish art. Definitely recommend it.

And in case anyone's wondering, yes I have read Blacksad. And I absolutely loved it. Why? Cause it stays true to form but the only difference is that animals take the place of humans. One of my favorite stories was a political crime narrative, reminiscent of Animal Farm. Originally published in French, followed by Spanish, and lastly English, I'm really looking forward to the next Blacksad hardcover which should be coming out soon. 

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