Monday, May 23, 2011

Soapbox time!

Here at Ginger Rabbit, we like to balance work and play. So the following post is somewhat related to comics. Last Saturday, we decided to "research" the beloved soapbox derby in downtown LA for a comic short I'm writing. We got to see participants get creative with their karts and wardrobe. The pop culture themes ranged from the past (Wayne's World) to the present (Angry Birds).

There was a huge turnout. Everyone got into cheering and jeering the racers. The most memorable moments were the soapbox crashes. Some karts tumbled, flipped over, or lost multiple parts along the way. Even Adam Carrolla took a dive. It was awesome.

The winner (when it comes down to it, are there losers in this field?) was the Jurassic Park themed kart, "Hold onto your butts". Congrats to them!

Thanks Red Bull for the caffeine and the material needed for my comic.

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